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AS E.R.S. (AS Estonian Railway Services) was established in 2000 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary to Liwathon E.O.S., the largest independent terminal manager in the Baltic States.

The aim of AS E.R.S. was to broaden the scope of railway services and service providers in Estonia. Initially a railway shunting services provider in and around terminal facilities became a full railway operator in 2008 that utilises a locomotive fleet of main line and shunting locomotives, and highly qualified and well experienced personnel to provide the complete scope of railway transportation services between Narva, Valga, Koidula, Pechora border stations and cargo terminals located at the ice free ports of Estonia.

Parallel to transportation services, AS E.R.S. locomotive depot has proven to be an effective addition to the locomotive repair and maintenance services market in the Baltic States. AS E.R.S. is providing a comprehensive range of railway logistics and transportation services to satisfy any of its customers logistical needs.



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